Why you need Royal Pacific Resort on your bucket list

You can, and you need to, shout Aloha in the wrong state, Orlando to be precise. You won’t be able to resist as you enter the Hawaiian-themed Loews Royal Pacific Resort of Universal Orlando. A suspended bamboo bridge will lead you to the entrance of Royal Pacific Resort, the bridge is over a blue canal surrounded by a beautiful landscaping that will fool you into believing that you really are in the South Pacific.

The core of the hotel is a wonderful open courtyard and an expansive fountain that also is the center point of the lobby. The lobby itself is a calm place, near the lobby is an array of dining optins, ready for you to get hungry. Anyways, it’s not the lobby, nor the courtyard why you need to visit this hotel, the main reason is the renovated suites.

Royal Pacific Hotel recently renovated almost all of the rooms and suites, and the new state of the place is a must-visit. The rooms have got a reimagination that starts from the room number sign on the door and goes on to the carpet in the corridors, the furniture inside the rooms, the orchid-themed pain on the top side of perpendicular walls and a print on the carpet that matches this colorful orchid theme, and what not. There are rooms specially themed as Jurassic world for the kids in the family, while a room service menu is available completely for the family dog.