Healthy Airplane Traveling

Traveling, especially by airplane, can be hard on your body. Between the stress, the altitude, and the surrounding germs, it can breakdown the strongest of immune systems. However, there are some small things you can do to stay healthy while traveling by plane.

One of the most common issues people have with flying is the varying altitudes and changing air pressures. This can irritate your sinuses and lead to headaches or congestion. However, you can help prevent these issues by chewing gum. Chewing gum triggers swallowing which can help clear your sinus cavities and prevent the negative effects of changing air pressure.

Additionally, because most airline travel is through economy, the legroom and seat space is sparing. Over long flights, this lack of space and inability to stand can lead to poor circulation in your legs causing discomfort or in severe cases, blood clots. You can mitigate this risk by walking the aisle, standing, and stretching.

With the holidays right around the corner, many people will be flying to see their family or friends. To help you become more aware of how to stay healthy while traveling on an airplane, try taking the quiz below.