Characteristics of a Safe Backpack that You Should Consider Buying

Managing and protecting the stuff that you bring along you is probably the only stress of travel that isn’t any fun. But that doesn’t mean it has be stressful, you don’t have to be soldier-like attentive to your belongings during the travel if you have the right tools of the trade. When it comes to backpacks, these are a few characteristics that they must have in order to make your possessions safe.

Resistance to water

Sometimes it isn’t humans who may harm your belongings, water can be a real trouble too. There are official documents, Identifications, laptops, cameras, and smartphones that will become utterly useless if exposed to too much water.

Built-in lock for zippers

This one just makes it a bit easier on you. Instead of handling a keycode lock or a padlock to lock down your zippers, the built-in lock does the job for you.

Padded straps

Backpacking around the world is on easy task, especially when a single backpack has to carry stuff required for days. Padded straps make it easy on your shoulders and don’t cause the pain that an unpadded strap causes.

Slash resistance

It may not be easy to snatch the backpack from you, but in crowded places, thieves carry knives with them. All they have to do is slash the bag from behind, snatch your stuff, and make a run for it. Opt for slash-resistant material if you can afford it.