Best and Cheapest Hostels for Backpackers in Cambodia

Cambodia is immensely popular for a lot of beauty that it holds, among other things, Cambodia is also extremely cheap, which makes it a perfect place to explore for backpackers. Here are some of the cheapest and awesome hostels in Cambodia.

Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey is located in Siem Reap, and in Phnom Penh, if you found any one of them amazing, the other will definitely be your first choice when you visit the other city. Mad Monkey in Siem Reap is only 8 kilometers from Angkor Wat, the beautiful and popular tourist attraction in Siem Reap, you could even cycle from your dorm to there and catch some fun on the way.

Taste of Paradise, Otres Beach

This one is already pretty famous among travel bloggers and several tourists who dared to wander off the beaten path and ended up in Otres Beach. But the good news is that they have upgraded recently and now it is better than ever to stay in Taste of Paradise. The best part about this place is that the environment around it is very friendly, just a few hours in and you will realize that everyone is ready to engage in a friendly conversation, share a meal, and share stories.

Any hut in Rabbit Island

Your off-the-beaten-path adventure to Rabbit Island will cost you almost nothing, I guranty. You can rent a little hut, other than that, you almost have the whole place to yourself.